May 18, 2023

What Happens When You Put The Internet of Things On ‘Steroids’?

the Internet of Things On Steroids

Hey, want to hear something scary? We’re almost midway through 2023. Time flies!

The clock ticks faster in this day and age, especially when you keep your head down and put in the work. It flies even faster when you’re involved in tech, simply because nobody involved in this sector just washes their hands and says ‘well, that’s enough progress for this generation!’

No. We always strive to make things bigger, better, faster, cooler, and it’s rather scary to be left behind. Continuous progress is rather addictive, and natural human curiosity will always drive us forward, keep us up at night even. 

And of course, when we talk about ‘enhancing performance in tech’, we come back to the usual suspects - blockchain, artificial Intelligence, and 5G. What happens when all these ‘IT buzzwords’ are combined together to improve real world appliances? 


Every Magic Trick Consists of 3 Stages

First off, the magician, or in our case, some sort of engineer, shows us an ordinary thing.

Let’s say a vacuum cleaner. Yeah, it sucks, but that’s what it was designed to do. A lifetime ago you had to push it around and help it reach the places where monsters hide. But now, the magicians of this world have advanced to the second act - made an ordinary appliance do peculiar and truly bizarre things.

Vacuum cleaners are robots now, and you only need to press a few buttons to put them on a quest that may or may not end with them getting stuck in the bathroom carpet. They do a pretty good job overall though. But ‘pretty good’ is not going to cut it. We need more, always!

That’s why every magic trick has a third act, the hardest part.

The magician needs to find the way to make the vacuum cleaner come back to the dock without a hitch. Make the robot smarter, faster, more efficient and cautious, so it could do magic without you. And to achieve all that, we use the aforementioned ‘steroids’. 

5G is called upon to deliver a greater increase in speed, to lower the latency, increase stability, and make sure IoT devices could be connected 24/7 and without any signal interruptions. Then we get blockchain, and it forms a beautiful symbiotic relationship with 5G to achieve greater scalability and broader node participation. Conversely, blockchain technology plays a vital role in ensuring security, reliability, and decentralization within the realm of 5G. 

Shake these things together in the mixer real good, and the immense power of 5G, including high data processing capacity, drives the increased usage of IoT devices, resulting in a significant volume of data and economic activity within the sector. Together this technology-to-technology connection establishes a more secure and authentic environment for end users and companies, you and me… finally, let’s sprinkle some AI on top of it all. Voila!

IoT systems are now able to achieve continuous improvement through self-learning where both the network and the devices can adapt to their surroundings dynamically and optimize operations depending on what they encounter. 

Meaning, fuzzy bathroom carpet will no longer be an arch nemesis of your Roomba.

Can You Imagine This Becoming a Reality!?

No matter if you can or can not digest this new reality, the truth is simple - it will happen.

Now if I can be humorless for a moment, I will admit that this topic is much more serious and calls for great responsibility and in-depth analysis. We can not predict the future, but we can guess which bottlenecks will be crushed when we put IoT systems on ‘gear’.

That’s exactly what I wrote about in my article for Blockchain Tribune.

If you’re into serious analytics and would like to go into the rabbit hole that this topic may seem for some of my readers, I welcome you to jump over and read my thoughts on the matter. 

And to close this, let’s just agree that there are many possibilities and practical applications for IoT devices powered by 5G technology and artificial intelligence. Supply chain management, e-voting, improvement of smart homes - the list can go on and on. We are heading towards a future where these combinations are feasible, and it only makes sense for businesses to begin developing strategies for this epic digital transformation. It’s already happening...

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